Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Visible / invisible

'Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.'
- Paul Klee

At the moment animator Tilley Bancroft and I are trying to evoke the research focus of Stephen Buranyi, who was a member of Serge Mostowy's lab at Imperial College London

It started with his pencil drawing and audio description of a very unstable and wildly moving bunch of proteins bound by similarity; 'spheres of influence'. The idea of using crochet to evoke this came from Sam & Tilley's interest in textile arts and the notion of combining them with animation seemed like a good fit for Stephen's description. 

So far we have just done some tests but Tilley will soon be shooting the animation sequences and Stephen's reaction to the tests has been very positive; 'amazing and awesome'. 

Below is the evolution of the work so far, featuring Tilley's homemade balls of 'plarn' (= plastic & yarn).

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Psych Nairobi said...

That is so beautiful, very crreatuve! It is an eyeful for sure.