Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Round up of the summer

Oh dear, I haven't posted for ages and feel very guilty since this is what I warn students with blogs against doing...

This summer has been a crazy ride of PhD finishing (just the viva to go - any day now...), co-authoring a book (!), getting news of a new film commission (and having meetings about another one potentially for the following year) and getting ready for the new semester alongside the usual family events (if it's not the younger generation that needs attention it's the older one.. much as I love them all of course, ha).

I'll do a quick round up of this summer in images and then will do detailed information about upcoming events in later posts. The best news I've had recently (alongside getting the new film commissioned!) is that I have been awarded a research buy-out from my job - it means that they will cover one of my day's teaching so that I can concentrate on the new project. This is fantastic news and I'm hugely grateful for the ongoing support I receive from the University of Wolverhampton, especially from my lovely colleagues in animation.

giving a talk at Edinburgh science festival

attending Shrewsbury flower show

going to Spain

learning to knit (turns out this is an excellent stress relieving activity)

Giving a paper at the Society of Animation Studies conference in Toronto (and going on a boat ride)

Drinking cocktails in Cardiff

..before seeing Dolly Parton at the Cardiff arena! Class.

attending the Larmer Tree festival

suffering wild flower meadow envy in Norfolk

watching my sons learn to fish

Exploring Darwin's garden

Cycling to the station on my new bike

Animation graduation 2014

Decorating the animation studio at Wolverhampton

My messy studio at home

Autumn arriving

Giving a talk at the Animation on Prescription day at the Encounters Short Film Festival, Bristol

Having a look round Aardman studios

Meeting up with old friends xx

Running an animation workshop for microbiologists at Imperial College London

O lovely Canada

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