Monday, 24 February 2014

Nikhil Chopra at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

I recently saw the Nikhil Chopra exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Chopra spent 3 days in the Focus Gallery, converting it into a portrait studio reflecting Victorian Britain. The drawings on the walls are of members of the local community, and during the drawing performance he transformed himself into a westernised Indian Victorian portrait artist. 

The video of the performance was fascinating to watch but I particularly loved the charcoal drawings on the walls, it was like walking into a huge sketchbook. In the centre of the room was the Victoriana environment that he used to pose his sitters, like an abandoned still life. 

The project was a Meadow Arts commission in collaboration with Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Wolverhampton Art Gallery is well known for its huge Pop Art collection, and also has an important collection of Northern Irish art, but I always love its collaborations, educational events and the way it takes a fresh inclusive approach to art.

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