Wednesday, 20 November 2013

delayed reaction

Apologies for my protracted absence from this blog, I went into the last 6 months of my PhD writing up and a black hole of academic writing. I either couldn't find the time, or face writing that wasn't directly PhD related.

Luckily I am nearing the end now and have an (almost) final draft handed in so I'm now waiting to hear about my rehearsal and then final viva. Hooray!

I've been up to some other stuff too, here's a snapshot, in no particular order...

teaching a week long animated documentary workshop at the Tricky Women animation summer school, St Pölten University, Austria
attending an unexpectedly sunny Green Man festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales
visiting North Norfolk

Seeing the stunning Kaffe Fasset exhibition at the fashion & textile museum, London

Being on the jury (and posing for silly photos) for the inaugural Animadoc award at the Leipzig Dokfestival, Germany
Seeing the astounding Ron Mueck exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery with our new first year animation students (slightly freaked out faces there)

teaching my favourite Innovative Animation module to second years at Wolverhampton University

attending Bradford Animation Festival for the first time in years: this is the brilliant Dave McKean with professor Paul Wells doing some dynamic pointing
The element that I have been missing desperately is actual animation practice; its absence has been quite painful at times. Luckily I am now back at work on a new project, more of which later (but there's a clue in my latest header image...).