Thursday, 18 April 2013

Into my new studio

From this...

Through this...

Via this ...

To this!

Storage. Sweet, sweet storage.

Oh YES that's a rostrum.

My DIY office chair cover.

Print on wall by Lucy Crouch.
I'm not going to go on too much about this as I realise how obnoxious it is but just to say that I am now happily moved into my new studio and SO enjoying the light / space / storage.

Now of course though I have no more excuses not to finish my PhD dissertation, damn.


Lizzy Hobbs said...

Oh Sam, it looks so brilliant! I'm not sure I would get a jot done in a space so well suited for dreaming and looking smugly around!

Martin Lee said...

And where exactly is the coffee machine in this new studio?

Samantha Moore said...

Yes Lizzy, there's the problem, I think artists probably need to suffer to get work done, not get their heart's desire!
And Martin, the coffee machine is in the kitchen - my exercise is trotting through the garden to get to it!