Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm writing up my dissertation and thinking about past films, trying to put them in some kind of order and belatedly work out the motivation for making them. Today I've been looking at my 2004 film doubled up, which was produced by animation legend Dick Arnall.

I don't claim to have known Dick extremely well but I had huge respect and admiration for him - he was incredibly supportive and kind, and often very patiently walked me through aspects of film making he would have had every right to assume I should probably know already (like when I thought that  TIFF was a typo of GIFF and brought all my files to show him in the wrong format...).

Sketchbook image of Dick (right) with Run Wrake by Joanna Quinn

Checking some dates I found an obituary of him which brought back to me how much I miss his lovely generous spirit, but also feel so lucky to have known him. The wonderful thing about independent animation is that everyone who does it loves it, and is passionate about it, and Dick exemplified those qualities.

The brilliant Guardian obituary is here.

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