Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New studio space

I'm very excited to have just put a deposit down on a new studio space. I have been talking to the nice people at Sanctum garden studios and after lots of debating (on my part) and patience (on theirs) we have arranged for them to come and build me a new, light, glass & cedar-clad studio space in our garden. It will look a bit like this (above) but perhaps with fewer trees and with more dead plants in pots / abandoned footballs / space hoppers / old ice lolly sticks scattered around. 

In my head, however, it will look like this inside:
... with a view like this:

... and inside it I will only produce meaningful works of great talent and gravitas.

Yes. I *am* aware that I am in denial about writing up my PhD and procrastinating by dreaming about my beautiful new studio. Shhh.

P.S. I have a studio board on Pinterest here
I know I know.

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fowler890 said...

Before scrolling down, I thought Sam defiantly has a Pinterest board for this!

Looks awesome! :)