Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Yesterday Terri Matthews and I went out drawing Dexter Cattle at Bing's Heath in Shropshire. Apparently they're the closest modern breed to the pre-historic ones we have in our new film Shadow Stories commissioned by the new Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery. Dexters are very small compared to modern cattle with little legs and quite a shaggy coat. We had a lovely time hanging over the gate and drawing them in charcoal, ink and Tippex until rain forced us all into shelter (them to the trees, us to a coffee shop).

Monday, 30 July 2012

doubled up at Göteborg Festival

doubled up has been programmed by Isis Arts will be screening at the 'Rights to a Future' programme at the Göteborg Culture Festival, Sweden in the Big M inflatable tent, see pic below.

Rights to a Future, Nordic : UK Contemporary Video Art Programme
The Big M

Göteborg Culture Festival, Sweden. Tuesday 14 - Saturday 18 August 2012