Saturday, 7 January 2012

Article in Animation Studies online journal

Ooo, a bit of a plug here but I have had an article published in the Animation Studies online journal here dealing with the animated documentary and 'pyscho-realism'.

It's my first academic article publication. As part of my PhD study over the last 15 months I have given several papers at conferences and had a couple of them accepted for publication, but academic publication can take ages so getting the final product out there can be a protracted and tortuous road. The Animation Studies journal, edited by Nichola Dobson, is online which I think makes the turnaround quicker than it would be if it were real paper. The benefit is that it is much more accessible for readers - if you can bear to please do have a look ...

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Lizzy Hobbs said...

I'm glad you plugged it Sam, it's really good and especially great to read since some of us were sorry to miss it in Edinburgh! V much looking forward to catching up. x