Monday, 5 December 2011

Museum visit with animators

Last week we met up with our animation team to go and have a closer look at the objects that we are animating for the Shrewsbury Museum project. It was an exciting opportunity to see the objects close up and get to handle them. The whole afternoon was a crash course in pre-history for all of us, taught by curator Emma-Kate Lanyon and interpretation officer Phil Scoggins. It was quite mind blowing and a really good way of getting to the heart of the meaning and purpose of each object.
L-R: Arin Sotoudeh, Emma-Kate Lanyon, Ravi Mehru, Matt Ayris & Sam Moore

Ravi investigating a beautiful gold torc

Phil explaining the provenance of these giant elk antlers

Us peering at the Nescliffe spoons 

Terri getting to handle a really cool Bronze Age sword!

An iron age escutcheon, spookily like an upside down skull...

Matt with a polished stone axe


samgough said...

jealous! wow so cool ..I'm intrigued by this project. I'm a massive History geek, especially this kind of time all the great beasts that no longer exist . It's more cool than dinosaurs :) (ps. I think I did a good job at uni hiding what a massive dork I truly am ...)

Samantha Moore said...

You'll have to come over and see what we're doing! It is incredible; I never thought I'd have to animate a woolly rhino... (or even that they existed, ahem).
Give me a call when you're home, Sam, and come over.

samgough said...

I've been home a bit now, just turned into a bit of a hermit especially now it's gone cold XD . I'll have to wrap up and venture out one day, Ann had been telling me how much Uni's changed.