Friday, 23 September 2011

Museum object sketches

I thought I would post some of the sketches I have been doing for the Shrewsbury Museum animation project I have been working on. They are amongst the first ones I did, from the other side of the glass cases, trying to get a sense of the objects and what they did. The elk antlers are just an amazing object, you have to walk round them to really get a sense of their huge sculptural presence.
I love the axe mould because it's so practical ; a big lump of stone which has a different axe head size and shape on each side. It might have been lugged around by a itinerant bronze metal worker, and would have been a much more efficient use of space and weight than individual moulds. It was very heavy though...

The harpoon was made out of antler, and has little soft teeth to catch a fish without shredding it.

Finally the infamous iron age spoons, as discussed in my last post. The torn looking gap on the plain spoon is where the little hole would originally have been, through which 'liquid' would have been dripped onto the patterned spoon held underneath. Time and erosion have eaten away at the metal so now it looks kind of accidental, especially as the hole isn't in the centre as you might imagine (well, I did).

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