Monday, 19 September 2011

Fantoche 2011

I'm just back from Fantoche, which was a wonderfully warm and friendly festival in Baden, Switzerland. There was a theme of animated documentary running throughout the festival, and I was invited along to take part in a day of lectures and discussion on the genre. The other speakers were very high end - it was chaired by Marcy Goldberg, and had Bella Honess Roe giving an over view of animated documentary, Dennis Tupicoff talking about animated documentary and trauma, Shira Avni talking about animated documentary and therapy, Rokhsareh Ghaemmghani talking about animated documentary and portrait and me talking about animated documentary and music. Overall it was a really stimulating event and the topics discussed seemed to prompt some really interesting and thoughtful responses to the genre of animated documentary. 

The cafe and bar for film makers and audience to mingle

Sign to the thermal baths, too tempting a detour...

The lovely Annegret Richter, animadoc curator of the Leipzig Dokfest

Documentary maker Rokhsareh Ghaemmghani, artist Akram Sarakhti and her grand daughter

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