Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday, 8 August 2011

Journal of Short Films number 22

Hmm, interesting one this. So An Eyeful of Sound has been included in The Journal of Short Film, volume 22, Winter 2011. It's an issue that happens to be made up of all female directors. It was not planned, just panned out that way, with all the interesting entries sent in by women. That's actually kind of unusual since the dearth of women directors is something regularly bemoaned, and according to Birds Eye View fewer than 10% of film directors (and 15% of scriptwriters) are women.

So this is great. A load of interesting films, which happen to be made by women. As John E. Davidson says; "While these films, whose individual quality stood out amongst this issue's submissions, do not have to be seen through that [gender] lens at all, the richness and variety shown here may become even more telling when considered in constellations of gender".

But... I do find it depressing to still have to be included in this kind of "special" branding. At last years Cannes film festival there was not one woman director in the competition, yet that was not flagged as a "special issue: men only" edition (although to be fair a lot of people were horrified at such a lack of representation).

The Journal of Short films vol. 22 wasn't curated to be feminist, feminine inclined or with a unifying theme; they happen to have been directed by penis-less people and all arrived in the same submission window. Hooray for that, but let's hope that the films don't have to be ghettoized to be appreciated.