Monday, 28 February 2011

Busy being born

From the just-live new Flatpack Festival website -

"Inspired by Emma Lazenby’s animated midwife’s tale Mother of Many, as well as the imminent departure of one of our co-directors for a career in delivering babies, we thought we’d show some films on the theme of pregnancy and birth. This selection covers pre-natal nerves (Signe Baumane’s Birth), the joy of twins (Samantha Moore’s doubled up), the immaculate conception (Steve Smith’s Eating for Two)  and the main event, captured eliptically by Stan Brakhage in his 1959 film Window Water Baby Moving. We’ll also have a snapshot of feline parenthood with live improvised accompaniment, and archive footage from Moseley’s Sorrento maternity hospital."

Screening at the Ikon Eastsideat 11 am on Saturday 26th March. Recommended cert 15, running time 90 mins.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Le documentaire animé : vrai ou faux?

The event at the Forums des Images in Paris in March looks like a really interesting event for those of us interested in animated documentary.

The website is only in French so from my school-girl French I've been able to glean only a little - there are a couple of animated doc shorts programmes, a feature film, a work in progress to be presented and several fascinating looking discussion panels.
Waltz with Bashir (2008) dir Ari Folman

Monday, 21 February 2011

Haystack craft scholarships

The Haystack craft centre in Maine, USA is open for scholarships to its summer workshops. One of my colleagues at Wolverhampton Uni has done one of the programmes and found it a brilliant experience - take a look if you think it might be up your street!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Animating Realities: Animation, Documentary and the Moving Image

The call has just gone out for an entire conference about animated documentary - it looks really interesting and is being held in Edinburgh, which is always a bonus!

Animating Realities: Animation, Documentary and the Moving Image

Thursday June 23rd and Friday June 24th, 2011
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art and the Edinburgh International Film Festival

Keynote Speakers: Sheila Sofian (University of Southern California) and Paul Ward (Arts University College, Bournemouth)

Recent years have witnessed increasing interest in the use of animation aesthetics and production techniques to explore subject matter traditionally deemed to be the preserve of live-action documentary cinema. The developing and changing nature of documentation moves away from established forms of documentary representation and blurs boundaries between fact and fiction, perceived indexical authority and subjective interpretation, the virtual and the physical, childhood and adulthood.

Animated Realities aims to bring together practitioners and theoreticians from a diverse range of disciplines in order to discuss and debate this hybrid and rapidly expanding area of contemporary visual culture. The event comprises a two-day conference jointly hosted by the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art with a concurrent screening programme of contemporary animated documentary work as part of the 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival.

We invite proposals for 20-minute papers (or themed panels of 3 presentations) on all aspects of animated documentary art and filmmaking past and present. Proposals for papers may include (but are not limited to) the following areas:

• Mapping the field: the history of animated documentary filmmaking
• Emergent and future uses of animation in a documentary context
• Critical case studies of individual documentary animators or animated documentary film works
• Animation and the amalgamation of fact and fiction within contemporary visual culture
• Animated documentary and trauma
• Animated documentary, time and memory
• Animated documentary and the representation of childhood
• Animated documentary and (auto)biography
• Animated documentary and re-enactment
• Animated documentary and the depiction of mental or physical infirmity
• Animated documentary and sound
• Animated documentary, comics and the graphic novel
• Scientific applications of animated documentary
• Comparison of animated and live-action documentary modes
• The use of animated documentary material in contemporary fine art practice
• Experimental media and the avant-garde documentary
• Presentations by film or fine art practitioners on their own animated documentary work

Potential contributors are invited to submit a 300-word paper abstract (500 words for themed panels) accompanied by a brief biography (including name, institution, phone number and e-mail) to the conference organisers, Jonathan Murray and Nea Ehrlich no later than April 10th 2011.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

News about film screenings

A few screenings and events have all come along at once, so I thought I'd do a quick round up here...

The Beloved Ones will be screening in Austria for International Women's Day, thanks to the curators of the Tricky Women festival in Vienna.

An Eyeful of Sound will be screening in Paris in March as part of the Forum Des Images series about animated documentaries, and also on a couple of upcoming compilation DVDs.

I have now put doubled up, my 2004 film for animate! commissioned for Channel 4 and Arts Council England online onto Vimeo, you can see a small version here;

It will also be screening as part of this years Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, which looks like it's going to be a doozy! If being a doozy is a good thing, which I'm pretty sure it is. If you've never been to Flatpack then check it out, it's always an amazing experience.