Thursday, 4 November 2010

Nature Journal review

From the review of the Imagine Film Festival in Nature on-line journal by Carl Zimmer.

"The 2010 Nature Scientific Merit Award went to An Eyeful of Sound, which joyously imagines the world as it is seen by people with synaesthesia. It makes those of us with ordinary brains jealous of those who can't help but mingle sight and sound."

Carl Zimmer writes about the sometimes uneasy relationship between film and science. He cites the dodgy science so often bastardized by Hollywood in the pursuit of a lucrative story line as a one way street where scientists do all the giving.
"Tornadoes, volcanoes, spaceships, viruses: all obey the laws of Hollywood, not the laws of Newton or Darwin."

However he does like the films screened in Imagine, including Skhizein "which won an honourable mention (see 'Science Oscars'), uses sophisticated computer graphics to transform the world as its hero descends into schizophrenia".

I've seen Skhizein (click on the title to see on Shorts Bay) at another festival and absolutely loved it knowing nothing about it. Knowing that it is about a man coping with the descent into schizophrenia doesn't detract from the absurd central concept but instead enhances and enriches it.

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