Friday, 12 November 2010

Flip animation Festival 10

Last weekend I was in and out of the Flip Animation Festival, the West Midlands' festival of all things animated. The opening event in Birmingham's Millenium Point on Thursday evening was a little bathetic for us because at the start of Ravi Maheru's second year short film Sentry the projector malfunctioned - aarg! Luckily Rav wasn't too emotionally scarred by the experience and the rest of the festival at Lighthouse in Wolverhampton went much more smoothly.

Highlights for me were;
kids animation workshop at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Claire Kitson's programme of her favourite films - I loved watching Hedgehog in the Mist on the big screen
The showreel reviews which were nail bitingly X-factor-ish to watch but really useful- this is Chris Chidlow, a graduate from Wolverhampton last year who worked as production assistant on Eyeful of Sound
The shorts programmes which was really strong, Lizzy Hobbs' Little Skipper was wonderfully simple & beautiful
Seeing the students get into the swing of being part of the animation community

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Elizabeth Hobbs said...

thank you for mentioning little skipper Sam, I was really sorry to miss the festival. I was really pleased to hear about your prize and I'm really enjoying all your written thoughts here and there!