Thursday, 9 September 2010

Branchage and Imagine fests

An Eyeful of Sound is screening at the Branchage Festival later in the month, along with my friend Danny Stack's new film Origin, which will be premiering at the festival. Danny is a writer (and now director) with an excellent scriptwriting blog, which if you haven't come across it is well worth a look.
A still from Danny Stack's film Origin

We're also screening An Eyeful of Sound at the Imagine Science Film Festival in New York next month. Imagine is "an environment where filmmakers, artists, scientists and the public can meet, where science is exciting and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background." The films will be screened at venues including the NYC Hall of Science in Queens, The Bell House in Brooklyn and the Tribeca Cinemas in Manhattan.

ISFF 2010 Trailer (official) from Imagine Science Films on Vimeo.

**** quick update: Danny's film Origin will also be screening at Raindance on 7th October so see it there! ****

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