Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Animation Evolution in Edinburgh

This weekend the Society for Animation Studies is holding its annual conference at Edinburgh Art College. It's called Animation Evolution and there will be fascinating papers from big and small cheeses of the animation world.

I am a mini babybel; I shall be giving a paper called "Animating unique brain states: The animated documentary and ‘psychorealism’" which discusses making An Eyeful of Sound.

Professor Paul Wells (an entire Edam) and Claire Kitson (Gouda? maybe a big wheel of brie) will be giving the keynote talks and I'm very much looking forward to listening to some interesting ideas and getting into the right headspace for my PhD.

 And now I've made myself hungry ....

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Elizabeth Hobbs said...

I think that means I'm sitting on a cheeseboard dosn't it?! I'd like to be a stinky old goat's cheese. x