Friday, 25 June 2010

Animation at The Public!

There is a cornucopia of good animation stuff screening at  The Public art gallery in West Bromwich on 21 July.

An Eyeful of Sound will be shown as part of their A for Animation exhibition. It's curated by 7 Inch Cinema so it should be an interesting and stimulating programme.

Even better on the same day there will be a retrospective of Clive Walley's work, which is beautiful, lyrical and unlike anything else I've seen in animation. His film The Light of Uncertainty is one of my favourite animation films and I'm so glad that his pioneering work is being recognised.
Clive Walley

Finally Birmingham based animator Steven Chamberlain has been commissioned to develop an interactive animation device called Cyclo-mation. It looks like a really interesting project and you can take part by developing a story and uploading to the big screen!
image of a bicycle

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Beloved Ones at the Tricycle Theatre on Sunday

Women, Power and PoliticsMy film The Beloved Ones has made the final shortlist for the Tricycle Theatre's Women, Power and Politics season. It has been selected by a panel of industry experts (the screening is in conjunction with Women in Film & Television) and will screen this Sunday 27th June.

The Sunday Shorts programme of 6 short films will be the last day of the Women Power and Politics Film Festival. There have been some brilliant and fascinating films screened, so I feel very honoured to have been included

The screening will start at 2pm and will be chaired by film director Sarah Gavron. Tickets are £4, and available from the theatre's website or on the day. I won't be able to make it but if anyone does go I'd love to hear how it went!

still from The Beloved Ones (2007)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Prospective PhD study

Good news, I have been accepted onto the PhD programme at the University of Loughborough's Animation Academy from October!
Emma's sketch of her synaesthetic visual image prompted by the sound of running water (above).

My proposal was about animating unique brain states (like synaesthesia) through animated documentary, and why this genre might be uniquely suited to do so.

I'm very nervous about it but I also know that it'll be an incredible learning curve for me, and I'm very pleased to be back being a student again - learning is so much more open than teaching (although I will still be doing a bit of that to keep body & soul together!).

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


An Eyeful of Sound is playing on Friday 25th June at the In The Palace Festival in Bulgaria, at 12:30 (see pic below).

It will also be screening in the Palm Springs International Shortsfest (below*) on Saturday 26 June at 10:30 am in the Art Attack programme.
It'll also be showing at the Anima Mundi Festival in Brazil (along with The Beloved Ones)in July and the London International Animation Festival in August.

Plus, I will be presenting papers about the film at two conferences, the Society for Animation Studies conference called Animation Evolution in Edinburgh in July, and at the Visible Evidence Documentary conference in Istanbul in August.

*love those women in the audience! Have a look at this fab blog if you haven't come across it before; Advanced Style