Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flatpack Unpacked

The Unpacked session is my favourite part of the Flatpacked Festival - not flashy or slick but always interesting and provocative. It's great for practitioners and provides a relaxed and discursive atmosphere.

Highlights this year included; a discussion panel on architectural light projections and projection mapping, where Rob Vale talked about his project Door to Door, a video projection in Bolton of residents front doors (see image below),

.. and in another panel Gangpol and Mit showed their beautiful clean cut animation/illustration/music/performance work.

Funniest was Ben Wheatley who (due to technical difficulties) never actually managed to get to a punchline but despite this had some interesting, cynical, hilarious and hungover inflected comments to make about budget film making. I thought that he was slightly disingenuous about guerrilla film-making since he has a huge amount of contacts to blag favours off but it was really useful nonetheless.

Oh, and An Eyeful of Sound played Flatpack at the Electric Cinema on Saturday as part of the Channel 1 programme (had a nice review here). Hooray.

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mr wheatley said...

fair enough! but i still started with no contacts!