Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Magma Film Festival, NZ

'An Eyeful of Sound' will be screening at the Magma Short Film Festival, New Zealand on Thursday 29th April at 7 pm at the brilliantly named Shambles Theatre in Rotorua. 


We visited Rotorua on our big trip, and it's an amazing and surreal place. Here's a picture of me and Archie in a local park, which bubbles with steam vents and hot mud pools in between bowling greens and pretty flower beds. Fab.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

East End Film Festival

Eyeful will be screening at the East End film festival on Monday evening at the Rio Cinema - how cool! It'll be on in the 'Documents 2: UK True-life stories' programme at 6:15 pm, and if you fancy going you can get tickets through the Rio website.

Eyeful of Sound playing today

An Eyeful of Sound will be playing at the Athens International Film & Video Festival in competition today in the 'Poetry, Music, Film' programme at the Athena Cinema at 12:45.

(that's Athens, Ohio..)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Art Day

I went to see the Bridget Riley touring exhibition Flashback at Waterhall gallery in Birmingham on Tuesday with my friend Claire. My favourite piece was the collage study above, its 2 and a half D-ness made it more dynamic to my eye than the final painting. 

We also saw the Susan Collis exhibition ' Since I fell for you' at the Ikon Gallery. This is a record of our conversation;

"Oh, there's nothing here"

"Maybe they're changing the show?"

(handed an exhibition guide)

"Where is it?"

"No, look, here's something"

"Oh my god that's annoying.
Actually it's quite amazing isn't it?"

"Wow, look at this!"

"I've never seen anything like this before"

"It's all about love isn't it?"


Love is A Charm of Powerful Trouble (Detail)
Susan Collis
wooden broom, white opal, yellow opal, Brazilian opal, cultured pearl, freshwater pearl, mother of pearl, white diamond, black diamond, sapphire, garnet, ruby, labradorite, moonstone, white howite, jadeite, citron cyrsoprase, turquoise, peridot, emerald

Monday, 12 April 2010

UK Synaesthesia Association Conference 2010

The week before Easter I attended the UK Synaesthesia Association's 2010 conference at the University of Sussex to give a paper about An Eyeful of Sound.

I've attended before and it's potentially quite an intimidating environment - a load of scientists with brains the size of planets talking about synaesthesia, coupled with lots of people who have synaesthesia - and very definite views on the ways it should be communicated. However it's an amazing opportunity to listen to cutting edge research into synaesthesia and how it works, and also to hear from synaesthetic people about their experiences of it.

I came away feeling no less of a fraud than when I went in (after all I'm not synaesthetic and I'm not a neuro-scientist) but with some fascinating food for thought and having met some amazing people.

Ashok Jansari from East London University talked about MEG scanning of synaesthetic and non-synaesthetic brains - with unusual and expected outcomes for non-synaesthetes. Jasmin Sinha talked about hidden forms of synaesthesia and her own experience of being synaesthetic (a lovely injection of plain speaking), and David Eagleman gave a paper on his large scale analysis of results from his synaesthesia battery; a website where you can test to see if you're synaesthetic.

A highlight for me was Regina Pautzke giving a live theremin performance to Photoshop animation of her synaesthetic response, I've never seen one played before and it was an amazingly atmospheric experience!

At lunchtime there was a screening in full of An Eyeful of Sound (there wasn't time during the 20 minute presentation), and it seemed to go down well. There was lots of positive feedback afterward from both scientists and synaesthetes. I gave away all my copies of the film and had lots of requests for more - it was especially nice to get them from lecturers who wanted to use the work to illustrate synaesthesia to their students.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Flatpack Unpacked

The Unpacked session is my favourite part of the Flatpacked Festival - not flashy or slick but always interesting and provocative. It's great for practitioners and provides a relaxed and discursive atmosphere.

Highlights this year included; a discussion panel on architectural light projections and projection mapping, where Rob Vale talked about his project Door to Door, a video projection in Bolton of residents front doors (see image below),

.. and in another panel Gangpol and Mit showed their beautiful clean cut animation/illustration/music/performance work.

Funniest was Ben Wheatley who (due to technical difficulties) never actually managed to get to a punchline but despite this had some interesting, cynical, hilarious and hungover inflected comments to make about budget film making. I thought that he was slightly disingenuous about guerrilla film-making since he has a huge amount of contacts to blag favours off but it was really useful nonetheless.

Oh, and An Eyeful of Sound played Flatpack at the Electric Cinema on Saturday as part of the Channel 1 programme (had a nice review here). Hooray.