Friday, 26 February 2010


I got invited down to Plymouth Art College to do an artist’s talk about my work and screen An Eyeful of Sound yesterday. I also took the opportunity to catch up with friends in the area and have a snoop around Plymouth Uni’s Media Arts dept (scarily good and well equipped).

It’s always interesting to have to present your work to a completely new group of people (mainly fine art students in this case). I always think that giving talks is an excellent way of explaining your own work to yourself. I quite often hear things coming out of my mouth in this context that I’ve never really managed to articulate before – something about the alchemy of stress and having to sound vaguely intelligent to an audience can bring out some good insights.

Unfortunately it can work the other way too – sometimes I listen to what I’m saying and wonder what the hell went on between brain and mouth, anyone who heard my wedding speech can attest to this sad truth.

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