Friday, 26 February 2010


On the final day in Berlin, the morning after the closing party and before our evening flights home, three of us went to the Liquidrom for a mammoth 4 hour session of sauna, steam and amazing salt water bathing..,

Berlin was freezing all week, -12 at night and with heavy snow that just never disappeared, so we got used to being perpetually frozen. Going to the Liquidrom was heaven as we let the warmth seep back into our bones and zoned out totally in the dimly lit salt water pool at the centre of the complex, where they have speakers underwater so as you float like a very buoyant lilo, put your head underwater and listen to the music. It was bliss.

We must have been Easyjets squeakiest and cleanest passengers, and it was the perfect chilled out end to our manic week,

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