Thursday, 25 February 2010

Berlinale Talent Campus 2

One of the useful things I took away from Berlin was information on how to present ideas. I went to a couple of really helpful ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions, one about documentary with info about the best approach to take when pitching. I learnt about the European Documentary Network and the workshops they run, and the importance of including a trailer with a documentary pitch (I would never have though of that!).

I went to a good session with the UK Film Council which was great in giving an insight on how to make the move into features and what kind of proposals they are looking for. “Good stuff” is the answer in case you were wondering, but it was couched in more helpful terms than that and was actually quite reassuring in the scope and ambition of the work they wanted to see made.

There was also a pitching session by documentary makers who presented their work on stage (the pitches were read by actors) together with some photographic images, and were then questioned by experts on their intentions in making the films. Gruelling to take part in, I imagine, but very useful to watch and I came out feeling energised and enthused about my own future projects and my ability to realise them.

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