Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Berlinale Talent Campus 1

So I’m back from the talent campus and have finally had time to catch my breath. The event was as jam-packed, intense and full on as everyone had told me it would be. It was also huge fun, very friendly and wonderfully bonkers.

A typical day was as follows;

Get up and shower in strict rotation with my dorm mates who were all lovely and considerate about sharing bathroom time – not all my friends in other dorms were so lucky…

Catch the bus to Hau 2, which is the Talent Campus base, and begin queuing for the next days tickets. This wasn’t so bad if you just wanted Campus events, however since we had full accreditation for the Berlinale Festival itself it was very tempting to get film tickets for the evening too which was a slow and sometimes painful progress as you inched along in the queue.

Dive in to the free breakfast, sponsored by a different company each day. The best ones included mountains of delicious cheese, fruit, cold meats and rolls, plus coffee and juice – heaven. And, since there was a good chance you wouldn’t eat again at lunch, necessary!

The first session began, from large events in Hau 1 open to the public on popular subjects (film scoring, collaborations etc.) to intimate sessions in Hau 2 or 3 on more specialist subjects (cross-media platforms, workshops on direction or editing).

Nominally lunch time but also a time to attend expert sessions – small gatherings where experts from various field gave the benefit of their wisdom to a few (10 – 15) lucky participants. In theory you could attend one of these but in practice I went to as many as I could, it was a wonderful insight.

The second session of the day (see above)

The third session of the day (see above)

Hopefully now there was a reception, dinner or function where we could network with industry big wigs and score some food. The most glam of these was the famous ‘Dine and Shine’ dinner, where about 300 people sat down to dinner together to share experience and expertise – we (the ‘talents’) were interspersed with experts with whom we could chat and schmooze for the duration of a course before moving to a different table (and a different set of experts) for the next course. It was great fun and I met some lovely people – both expert and talent (a very odd distinction!).

10:00 onwards
From hereon it was a free for all, with parties, invites and rumours of parties flying around… We crashed some memorable events - the Swedish party in a strange gentleman’s club was a good one, as was the Italian party with chic flowers and comedy dancing.

And at the end of the evening,  back to the hostel, and ready to get up again and start again tomorrow.

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