Thursday, 21 January 2010

First screening..

L>R Emma Suddaby (synaesthetic interviewee), Emma Moore (my baby sister), Meroe Candy and Daniel Glaser (from the Wellcome Trust), producer Joshka Wessels and me.

All looking very happy to be sitting in the bar drinking unlikely sounding cocktails and celebrating the first screening of the film.

I missed our review in Sight & Sound magazine but here's the good bit;

" But it does have company in Samantha Moore’s An Eyeful of Sound (2010), an inspired visualisation about synaesthesia – the experience of sensing in secondary ways. Moore uses her cell animation to bring to life the way her synaesthetes experience sounds as colours, or describe the taste of numbers and letters. It’s part of ‘Trick of the Light’, a programme centred on beautiful cinematography across documentary and drama at Rich Mix on Wednesday 13th."

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