Saturday, 19 December 2009

B - side

I was interested to hear from the London Short Film Festival that they're using B Side, a web site which allows film makers and, crucially, audience members interact with the festival schedule. You can build your own schedule, review films you've seen and create a buzz about films by viewing their page.

For me as a film maker it means I can customise my films listing, with film stills, synopses and even trailers and film clips. It's cool because usually you're at the mercy of what the festival wants to say about you and your film - you send them a synopsis and then they can write something totally different. This system doesn't preclude that, but it lets you add and modify.

I feel a bit mixed about this, on one hand it's nice to make a bit more of a splash with your work (and I have a gazillion stills that I'm really happy to get out there) but on the other hand it panders to my control freakin' side that really can't let it go...


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