Tuesday, 24 November 2009

and breathe.

OK, so that wasn't quite the end of making the film; I had a bit more frame-faffing to do (which Matt Shard at Automatic TV was wondrously patient in tolerating) and got the HD Cam master and DigiBetas (in various flavours) into my hands today.

But now, aside from burning a gazillion DVDs, addressing jiffy bags to festivals (with *new* sharpies, mmmm), and drinking my usual litres of tea, my head is free to look at other stuff and get inspired for the next project.

Lotte Reiniger is someone whose work I look at regularly, as she features in a module I teach on experimental animation. Her work reminds me of Paper Cinema's live performances (which I talked about here). Students always love emulating her style and I think I'd like to have a play too...

images from ASIFA Holly wood animation archive

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Felix said...

Sounds great. My friend Joe (who does the music for my films!) did a Reiniger inspired piece for his graduate film. Wont let me paste anything in this box for some reason but it's on YouTube if you search for 'Joe Paine Stiff Upper Lip'.

Have fun playing