Thursday, 15 October 2009

The finishing process

I'm trying to get through the last few parts of the film, before I start sending it out to my collaborators and interviewees for final feedback, then the funders, British Council, festivals and so on.

It can be a frustrating period. I get quite impatient, and anyone who has worked in animation knows that the question you most dread is "when will it be finished?".

The answer is "not soon enough" or "it's only been two years, what do you expect?" or "I'm sorry, I have to go home, I'm having a panic attack".

Today I am teaching all day so my studio will be empty in about ten minutes time. Tonight however I shall be back here, working away, trying to get the balance right between sorting out small problems and working the thing to death.

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greg said...

I know excatly how you feel - I've got 2 weeks to finish our film and I appear to have entered some weird other universe - hope it all goes well with you - really looking forward to seeing the finished film.