Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bundanon Trust residency

My friend Sophie B Raymond, an Australian film maker, singer-songwriter and all round good egg, has been successful in applying to the Bundanon Trust for a 2 week group residency investigating animated documentary practice.

The Riversdale complex (above) is a place where Australian and international artists can go to think, talk, be inspired and make links with other artists.

Fabulously enough, I am part of Sophie's group, so now I have to work out where to get the travel funds from. It's not till next December (2010) so I have plenty of time to make applications ... any ideas for funding places gratefully received!

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Myles McLeod said...

Oh my god. It looks beautiful. In fact, it looks like Rivendell! You should travel there on a giant eagle! It's the only way. Myles :)