Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Beloved Ones in Bucharest

My 2007 Film Council/Screen WM film 'The Beloved Ones' has been selected by the British Council to be screened at the Anim'Est Festival, in Bucharest next month (2-11 October). It will be part of British Council programme of best of British Animation presented at the festival. How lovely!

Specially nice as I am stressing about getting Eyeful of Sound finished and worrying about it not being right. I have to remember it was exactly the same with the Beloved Ones, which subsequently screened all over the place and did really well. I'd still re-make it given half a chance though...!

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Richard Phelan said...

Hi Sam, Congratulations! That's great news :) I hope an Eyeful of Sound is going well, we're studying sound & image at the moment and it made me think of your film