Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Adam visiting to do the final sound mix

All this week the amazing Prix Italia-winning composer and sound designer Adam Goddard has been over from Toronto to do the final sound mix for my film. Up to our kitchen table.

It's been great fun, as we have painstakingly gone through every squeak, word, dog bark and bell ring on the intricately layered sound track to tweak the delicate balance between music, sound effects and vocals.

Overall ... it sounds great. I love what Adam does with sound, it's such a fluid and creative process. AND he brought maple syrup with him. My sons will love him forever.

In turn, we've been introducing him to real ale, spag bol, stinky cheese, a weak pound, proper pubs, the Co-op and various other UK cultural and culinary specialities. He is one lucky man.

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