Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Adam visiting to do the final sound mix

All this week the amazing Prix Italia-winning composer and sound designer Adam Goddard has been over from Toronto to do the final sound mix for my film. Up to our kitchen table.

It's been great fun, as we have painstakingly gone through every squeak, word, dog bark and bell ring on the intricately layered sound track to tweak the delicate balance between music, sound effects and vocals.

Overall ... it sounds great. I love what Adam does with sound, it's such a fluid and creative process. AND he brought maple syrup with him. My sons will love him forever.

In turn, we've been introducing him to real ale, spag bol, stinky cheese, a weak pound, proper pubs, the Co-op and various other UK cultural and culinary specialities. He is one lucky man.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Digishorts open for funding

Just a quickie to note that the UK Film Council's Digishorts are open for funding, look here for details! It's a really good scheme and improving every year..

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Stimulants "R" us

I am getting to (not quite the end but) the beginning of the end.

Next week Adam Goddard is coming over from Toronto to do the final sound mix and also eat Asian food, see old things and meet some friends. But mainly do the mix.

I am scared and elated in equal measures, it's a bit of a roller coaster at the moment as I trudge/skip/pelt/gallop/limp/sob to The Finishing of The Film.

One of the great things to do when I am feeling a bit 'grrr' (or, even worse in some ways, 'meh') about everything is to read other people's blogs about films. Sometimes it can really help, like this week when I caught up with Emma Lazenby's blog about making 'Mother of Many', a digital short for South West Screen and 4Mations. She's coming to the end of her film and I've really enjoyed reading about it.
She's slightly ahead of me production-wise so it's been good remembering what comes next and how it's normal to feel like this. She is very honest about the ups and most especially, the downs of the process. I always feel a bit guilty writing about the rubbish bits of film making, or how everything's going wrong, or looking awful, or how I can't animate and am quite crap. For one, it seems churlish (given that I have funding to make a film! how amazing is that?!), but there's also a less attractive element of pretending that I find this stuff easier than I do. I hope that I don't do that too much.

Anyway, Emma's film looks really beautiful, you can read an interview with her here. I also love the blogs of Lizzie Hobbs and Richard Phelan which I find inspirational for different reasons. Lizzie's has a great series of reviews of LIAF and Engine's launch which keep me up to speed with London stuff. Her writing always makes me jealous as it's very thoughtful, intelligent and funny. Richard's is about the NFTS where he is currently studying, and has lots of life drawing which I like very much.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Beloved Ones in Bucharest

My 2007 Film Council/Screen WM film 'The Beloved Ones' has been selected by the British Council to be screened at the Anim'Est Festival, in Bucharest next month (2-11 October). It will be part of British Council programme of best of British Animation presented at the festival. How lovely!

Specially nice as I am stressing about getting Eyeful of Sound finished and worrying about it not being right. I have to remember it was exactly the same with the Beloved Ones, which subsequently screened all over the place and did really well. I'd still re-make it given half a chance though...!