Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I've come to a bit of an impasse with the imagery for the final section of the film. This is partly due to all the interesting new sound effects that Adam has added to the sound track, which I just don't have any synaesthetic responses for. So tomorrow I have arranged to go and visit Tessa at her home in rural Hertfordshire and play her some of the new sounds to get her responses.

Tessa is a stained glass window artist, who has a wonderfully descriptive drawing and painting style, so it's always fascinating to see her respond to sound. Her imagery always contains lots of silver and metallic colours, and has a translucent quality (a bit like stained glass).

I've bought a whole lot of art materials I know she'll love; glitter gel, metallic acrylic paints, big brushes and (my favourite) a set of water soluble Caran D'Ache crayons. Nothing beats the amount of sheer pigment they pack, and I love to see them nestling in their little box... There's something so satisfying about new crayons.

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