Thursday, 25 June 2009


I am working hard on our work for the Shift Time festival next weekend (3-5 July) in Shrewsbury. I have finished the jelly herbivore, the all-sort carnivore and all the plants including the poison one which turns the creatures funny colours.

I have been working with colleagues from University of Wolverhampton's school of computing, Dr Eugene Ch'ng, Dr Sarah Mount and Dr Dew Harrison. They have been doing some amazing (and incomprehensible to me) work on interactive software programming and sensor technology, whilst I have been doodling sweeties and dreaming up ways for jellies to have babies. The work will be interactive, so you can make earthquakes, raise humidity levels and generally mess around with the heads of small defenseless creatures.

The festival is free and the opening night is Friday if you want to come and play...

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