Sunday, 7 June 2009

Shift Time festival

Slightly off topic but I am working on an interactive digital project for the Shift Time Festival in Shrewsbury (3 - 12 July), called shift life. It's a cross-breeding exercise between artists and scientists and so far we're working together quite well. Of course that could all change.

Anyway, here's an image of one of the creatures we are bringing to life (Mwa-ha-ha etc).

The official blurb for the project is this:
An alternate, fantasy biological life form lives out its existence on a virtual planet. But this is no Sunday picnic, for the planet-habitat is extremely volatile as rapidly changing conditions, outside the life form’s control, causes havoc by the minute. What is the cause of these cataclysmic upheavals? You are. By entering into a large box of sand, onto which the strange and wonderful world of the virtual creatures is projected, you affect the fortunes of this life-form’s Evolution.

Have a look at the festival website for more info...

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