Thursday, 25 June 2009


I am working hard on our work for the Shift Time festival next weekend (3-5 July) in Shrewsbury. I have finished the jelly herbivore, the all-sort carnivore and all the plants including the poison one which turns the creatures funny colours.

I have been working with colleagues from University of Wolverhampton's school of computing, Dr Eugene Ch'ng, Dr Sarah Mount and Dr Dew Harrison. They have been doing some amazing (and incomprehensible to me) work on interactive software programming and sensor technology, whilst I have been doodling sweeties and dreaming up ways for jellies to have babies. The work will be interactive, so you can make earthquakes, raise humidity levels and generally mess around with the heads of small defenseless creatures.

The festival is free and the opening night is Friday if you want to come and play...

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Thinking about festivals

I'm beginning to think about festival entries, looking at the deadlines for festivals we'd want to screen at, wondering whether sending a rough cut now is a wise idea or whether waiting til next year and the final version is sorted would be better.

Once a rough cut of a film has been rejected from a festival you (usually) can't apply with it for the next year, even if it's finished and all lovely. I'm looking at Encounters Short film festival and Sheffield Docfest to send rough cuts to.

The thing is, even if we don't get in, the film will still have been wrangled into a decent shape and it is a good kick up the bum. If such a thing can be good.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Interviewing Emma

I had a great time on Friday interviewing Emma, one of our synaesthetic interviewees, about the spot sound effects for the second part of the film. Some of her responses were simultaneously really odd but completely made sense, which is always invigorating..!

I'll post some animation when I have it but in the meantime here's one of her drawings of the sound - I love the colours!

Shift Time festival

Slightly off topic but I am working on an interactive digital project for the Shift Time Festival in Shrewsbury (3 - 12 July), called shift life. It's a cross-breeding exercise between artists and scientists and so far we're working together quite well. Of course that could all change.

Anyway, here's an image of one of the creatures we are bringing to life (Mwa-ha-ha etc).

The official blurb for the project is this:
An alternate, fantasy biological life form lives out its existence on a virtual planet. But this is no Sunday picnic, for the planet-habitat is extremely volatile as rapidly changing conditions, outside the life form’s control, causes havoc by the minute. What is the cause of these cataclysmic upheavals? You are. By entering into a large box of sand, onto which the strange and wonderful world of the virtual creatures is projected, you affect the fortunes of this life-form’s Evolution.

Have a look at the festival website for more info...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New work in progress stills

Oh I am having a fine old time here with part three of the film, cunningly ignoring that part two is yet to be completed. Anyway, here are a couple of stills of work in progress, see my Flickr site for more.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Little red engine

Found this lovely illustration from the 50s from The Little Red engine. So nice, it reminds me of a knitting pattern by Kaffe Fasset. I think I am going to use it as the inspiration for a new sequence in the film.