Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sounds and pictures

Bought this lovely book at our local spring Church fair for 20 p.

(Sidebar: isn't it amazing that these events haven't changed at all in 30 years? You can still get a glass of warm orange squash for 10 p, a slightly wonky fairy cake for 15 p and have a go at catching magnetic fish with a bamboo rod for a chance of winning a hand knitted finger puppet. My children's cultural heritage may not be grand or exotic but it is consistent.)

Anyway, the title of it seemed to capture what we are trying to do here, besides which I love these old Ladybird book illustrations. One theory of synaesthesia is that the connections between senses are set in early childhood, and I wonder if any of these images irrevocably made a connection between the "St" in stamp and that amazing shade of lurid yellowy green in someones brain?

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