Friday, 24 April 2009

Spring cleaned brain

I went down to Plymouth this week to give a talk to students at the College of Art there. I studied down at Exeter Uni so it was quite weird going down to my old stomping ground (ish) as an established artist to give advice - gulp.

Seemed very odd but the students were great and I met up with my lovely friends Abi and Cath who are based down there. Cathy is an animator and Abi an artist who also does art therapy. It was great to catch up, drink wine and generally neglect my film for two days.

However, doing talks always focuses my thoughts really well, it’s like a huge group therapy where you put your own work under the microscope and have to explain it to a group of strangers - like pitching to a whole room. I came back with my brain spring cleaned and a sketchbook full of lists, notes and instructions to self which I will act upon…. on Monday.

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