Wednesday, 15 April 2009


There are a couple of animation competitions coming up; Depict! (part of the Encounters Short Film Festival) and The Great Animation Challenge, organised by Animation Forum West Midlands and Flip Animation Festival. Both are open to anyone and both ask you to make a film to their specific criteria - Depict! is a film in 90 seconds or less, and the Animation Challenge is making a film to one of their specially chosen downloadable music tracks.

As a freelancer entering competitions can be a tricky balance - you get to direct a short film (yay), but you don't get paid (boo). You could win a prize, or at least get some attention and an audience (yay) but also give up a big chunk of valuable time that could be spent generating or making paid work (boo).

Of course another benefit of working this way is that, aside from sticking to the specific brief, you don't have any extra editorial control over your project - you can do exactly what you like. And whilst it is not funded you'll get at the very least a short film that you can send to festivals/stick online/add to your reel and hopefully gain some valuable exposure.

OK, where's my pencil?

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