Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tea is important

Tea drinking is punctuation. Boiling the kettle is a nice little displacement activity when everything is going wrong and I can't think what to do next.

Tea is a way of dragging my brain back to something that's in the real world. Tea is two minutes to think.

The type of tea is therefore very important, and must be deliberated upon before deciding.

Everyday, rooibos does the trick for me. Recently I have begun experimenting with Earl Grey (bergamont) flavoured rooibos which seemed like a travesty until I tried it and became instantly converted. If I'm feeling the need for change then I'll have a pot of mint tea. If I'm flagging then I'll have a cup of rose tea (black tea with rose petals) - it's like Turkish Delight flavoured tea but it has caffeine in it so I may start to boiing off the walls a little after a cup of this.

Today, as well as drinking numerous cups of tea, I have also finished animating 2 seconds of the inside of a train carriage. Hooray (boiing).

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