Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tate Modern Animation Day

On Saturday I went to the animate! organised Tate Modern Animation Study Day, part of the Animation Breakdown weekend.

It really tickles me (as someone who grew up in the furthest reaches of London Zone 5) that I can actually buy a one day travel card from Shrewsbury to London - just how big must London be now?

Anyway at the Tate there was some interesting talk about animation depicting reality "Drawn to Life" by Stoffel Debuysere and Maria Palacios Cruz from the Brussels based Courtisane collective. They screened a mixed bag of stuff - the short I've Got a Guy Running by Jonathan Kirk I found interesting and moving and shocking, but a couple of the other pieces seemed more like exercises rather than something that could connect independently with an audience.

I was happy to see the artists' panel on drawing - it was good to see attention given to the unmediated mark, although I guess that's an illusion since all out marks are mediated digitally through the computers we use and the screens that show them. I found Ann Course's work (and lovely sparkley silver eye lids) funny, rude and challenging. I also liked the way she talked about her films being about 'feelings', it seemed such a defiantly unfashionable thing to say.

Anyway; the sun was shining, London was all twinkly and grand and seductive, so I spent the afternoon wandering round the galleries and soaking up the art.


Richard Phelan said...

The Animate! Screening sounds great! I was just a little bit further down the river at the open air bookstore outside the BFI... I love that whole stretch of the Thames, very inspiring :)

Danny said...

£47.50! Bargain!