Thursday, 12 March 2009

"It's like saying - 'when do you remember having hair?' It's just the way it's always been."

I've just had another chunk of the sound track from the composer Adam Goddard. He lives in Toronto so the collaborative process with him involves lots of e-mails, some skyping and a few phone calls.

Luckily I've worked with Adam a few times before so we are tuned in to each others way of thinking. And idiosyncratic use of the English language.

This time Adam has sent me a chunk of the middle section of the film where Dr Jamie Ward, the neuro-psychologist we are working with on this project, is talking about what exactly synaesthesia is. It's lovely because Adam has also cut in snippets of the people with synaesthesia talking about their experience of it too, which is a nice counter point.

It's so exciting getting new bits of the sound track. I love the amazingly creative responses to my (usually) clumsily expressed and slightly surreal briefs.

The image (above) is Emma's visual of rubber shoes walking on a lino floor.

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